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The Manual on Manual, by Tom Martinez and Antonio M. Rosario.

LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY BUT HATE TECHNICAL MUMBO JUMBO? Then this is the booklet for you! Written by two professional photographers with the novice in mind, Tom and Antonio tell you what you need to know as if they're sitting in your living room. Their engaging, conversation style will carry you along and enable you to "Switch to Manual" and start shooting like a pro. Say goodbye to that sinking feeling of trying to get a shot in auto the camera just can't get. After reading the Manual on Manual and a little bit of practice you'll be telling the camera what you want it to do! And more importantly you'll be creating images the camera's automatic settings could never dream of!

So if you've long dreamed of taking your photography to the next level but worried that doing so would require lots of technical details, think again! Tom & Antonio share their tricks gleaned from their one-day workshop to explain the relationship between aperture, shutter speed and ISO. By the end of the workshop folks are shooting in manual and this is the book that started it all! So don't let your fears hold you back any longer. Take the plunge and experience thrill full creative control.

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The Manual On Manual Sample [ $0.00 ]
The Manual On Manual Sample